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Finding a Good Pay Stub Template

One of the most crucial parts of keeping your business running smoothly is ensuring that each employee is paid accurately and on time. As each worker completes his or her work, your system must track the time spent with a high level of precision. That way, there won’t be any questions regarding their compensation come payday. The creation of clear, readable pay stubs will go a long way toward streamlining your payroll processes.

Let’s go over the alternatives for pay stub generation. We’ll focus on free alternatives such as templates and online generators, as these will cut down on your costs and save you time, regardless of how many employees you have.

Use Software You Already Have

One of the least technical options is to create your stubs by yourself using your knowledge of whatever word processing software is installed on your computer. If you’d rather avoid doing too much work, many software packages come equipped with several fill-in-the-blank templates. A few easy changes are generally all you need to get going. If none of the templates installed on your system are adequate for your needs, you can also hire a specialist to create your stubs (or even the entire payroll system) for you. Alternatively, take advantage of one of the other options below.

Find a Pay Stub Generator on the Internet

The internet has made many processes easier for business owners, and pay stub generation is one of them. There are several sites to choose from. As different sites can sometimes generate radically different templates, don’t be afraid to play around with more than one service until you find one that works for you.

Try a Search Engine

Of course, search engines are another way to find a pay stub template. Unlike the previous options, these are likely to be much less customizable. Most smaller entrepreneurs or business owners will find that they don’t need to customize their pay stubs all that much, making pre-made templates particularly appropriate. That said, it’s important to be cautious, since there can be security risks to downloading from unknown vendors.

Ask Your Colleagues or Fellow Business Owners

A useful but commonly neglected approach is to ask any friends or colleagues for tips or advice on handling payroll or creating stubs. If you are worried that other companies will be unwilling to help a competitor, just remember that payroll and pay stubs are an everyday concern that all businesses have to deal with, and not something that really affects competition very much. If you’re lucky, this communication could even lead to the start of a beneficial relationship between your companies.

Above all, ensure that the most crucial information is described clearly and completely on your workers’ pay stubs, including total hours worked and gross income. With that in mind, any of the above alternatives should prove useful for most business owners.

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