Tired of pollution in Delhi and want to travel to Goa? Here are ways to book flight tickets

Gone are the days when we used to step out in the morning to get some fresh air. With time Delhi has earned itself the title of the most polluted cities in the world. With every passing year, the pollution level is increasing at an alarming rate putting all of our healths at high risk. One must try to get out of the city at every possible opportunity to let our lungs breathe properly. That would truly be a vacation for you and your body. So what better place than Goa! The city is known for its perfect beaches and beautiful houses, yummy food.

But booking a flight to India’s party nations, Goa, can be slightly tricky and could ask for a lot of hard work. Every year, Goa witnesses a heavy tourist footfall making it one of the most visited destinations in India. There are lots of people who are always planning to go to Goa. There are such fanatics of the place who do not even think about the weather ones and make plans is the hottest and the wettest months of the state. So, yes, booking a flight to a destination that is everybody’s favourites can be challenging.

Many national, as well as international tourists, make their booking from the capital to Goa. Because of the high rate of tourists coming in, the airfare is mostly high. Delhi to Goa flight booking can be done smoothly provided the following tips are kept in mind while booking.

  1. Use your bank credit or debit card – Use your cards as much as possible. It is a known fact that many websites provide us various offers upon using our cards. Sometimes we get cash back and sometimes a big discount that can be used for your next ticket booking.

Use these cards as much as possible collecting points and miles that can be later on used for your needs.

Not just this, there are banks that have these special cards especially for those clients who fly frequently. If you are one of those, get your hands on these.

  1. Mobile app to book flight tickets – Mobile apps are very “in” these days. All the companies and businesses have come up with their own apps that can be easily downloaded to your mobile phone these days. And sometimes upon using an app, you are asked if you would like to refer the app to your friend. Do that as much as possible. Every referred friend of yours who uses that app and books tickets via them will earn you some points. So collect them and keep referring to save for all your future vacations.

Not just this, you might also get some additional cash backs on using these mobile applications.

  1. Making your booking from different airlines – Delhi to Goa flight booking is a very scheming process. One needs to know all the options that can be used to get those inexpensive tickets. And making your “to and for” booking from two different airlines is one of them. It might have been said that return tickets are cheaper but booking two separate tickets will always get you a better deal. Remember, that booking one-way ticket is always cheaper.
  2. Say no to travel on holidays – Yes, it is more convenient to travel on a Saturday morning the same day as that particular holiday because getting out of the office in the evening in a hurry to catch the flight in a hurry is tiresome but it makes so much more sense. Book your flight on a weekday or that day before the holiday and you will face much less traffic on the road going towards the airport, much less crowd in the airport and of course the fare that you would have paid for would be much cheaper. Do not forget that the rates would be lower in these days as there would be no demand.
  3. Plan Ahead of time – Always keep it in your mind that Timing is everything. If you have been planning your trip for months then book your tickets well ahead of time. Booking those last minute seats is always going to more expensive and of course nerve-racking. And while going on a vacation this is the last thing you want. Check the price for the whole month so that you exactly know which day is the best option to fly out of the city, budget-wise.

Booking ticket is also an art and needs a lot more than your attention and time and all these tips and tricks can help getting those really affordable Delhi to Goa flight booking.