Factors That Affect RV Rental Prices

For many thousands of road trippers worldwide, the selection of an RV rental prior to setting out on the road is a well-known ritual. By the time you’ve become an experienced traveler you already know the type of RV you wish to rent including space parameters and model preferences. All it comes down to is locating that model at a local dealer and signing the rental papers. This is where pricing comes into play. Depending on the model, size, and amenities of RV you are interested in the price range can run the gamut from major cash drains to highly affordable deals. Before you head to your favorite rentals location, make sure to take these main price factors into consideration depending on your budget.


It is well-known that most RV dealerships offer rental options. The great thing about renting directly from a dealer is that you know you will be getting a quality vehicle. Dealerships have standards and regulations in place for every rig on their lot, and this counts for their rental vehicles as well. Another advantage to renting through a dealer is the availability of a wide range of quality models. The larger the dealership, the more sizable the collection is the general rule.

Of course there are some major drawbacks when it comes to renting from a dealer. Travellers have been known to mistrust the long contracts and hidden fees involved. The terms for mileage, distance travelled, and potential damages are also known to be a lot more stringent. This is due to the fact that you are working with a major dealership who treats their rentals the same as they do for purchasers. Be prepared for paperwork and higher fees if renting through a dealership.

Renting Online

There are a large number of peer-to-peer networks that offer online RV rental options. With these services, RV owners list their motor homes for members to rent for certain periods of time. This works for the owners since they can earn a little money from their vehicles while they are off the road, and it ends up working for renters as well. The top advantage here is the pricing. On most of these networks you can secure an RV for far cheaper than with dealerships. Plus, the paperwork and hidden costs are far less. The majority of these services also offer roadside assistance, secured payments, and cash back rewards for your next trip. When you factor all of this in, you will see that you’re getting a much better deal here than with most major dealerships.


No matter if you’re going with a dealership or an online rental, the brand name, model and year are always going to have an affect on the price. If you want to go with a fully modern, top-brand RV then you are going to have to pay a higher rental fee. It is just as simple as that. For budget travellers, what you need to do is research which lower priced models are comparable to your dream model. For example, you may be able to find the same brand just a few years older for a price you can afford. There are also models that are cheaper to rent but come with many of the same features and high points. It all comes down to doing your research, pinpointing the model you want, and figuring out your rental budget. From there you can determine the models, brands, and years that will tick all three boxes.

Length Of Time

Of course the length of time you plan on staying out on the road will have an impact on the rental price. If you are taking a longer trip, then you are going to have to face the fact that your costs will be higher than if you are just getting away for a couple of days. Some rentals charge by the night, while others charge by the mile. You will want to take this into consideration. For example, if you are doing a multi-night stay in a certain area and will not be putting a lot of miles on the vehicle, then you should go with an agreement that charges by the mile. Similarly, if you are going to be burning through a lot of miles then go with a plan that charges by the night. This will end up saving you money in the end.

There are many factors that affect the price of an RV rental. From the rental source itself to make and model to length of time spent on the road, prices can vary widely. In order to get the best deal you simply have to fully understand your needs as a traveller, come up with a budget you can stick to, then do your research in order to pinpoint a deal that matches both.