March Through August Is The Best Time To Swim With Whale Sharks in Western Australia

When it comes to things to do while on vacation, a lot of different ideas come to mind. Many people love to have an adventure or have once in a lifetime experiences. Swimming with whale sharks is definitely an adventure, one that will not be forgotten. The best time to swim with whale sharks in Western Australia begins from the middle of March to early August. There are reputable and experienced snorkeling companies that guide and educate guest during the entire experience. Below, is more information regarding the tour and other useful information to know.

More Specifics Of The Tour And What To Expect

The tour lasts from morning to about 4:30 in the afternoon. Majority of the companies that offer this tour have a spotter plane that will give a signal to the vessel once they see a whale shark. The vessel will then get to that location so that groups of ten can can swim alongside the biggest fish in the world. A certified and very knowledgeable tour guide is in the water the whole time with people to make sure they are doing well and getting the experience they paid for. Lunch, tea and snacks are provided at different hours of the day. A photographer is also in the water to capture moments that each snorkeler will receive on a complimentary CD.

Guarantees Given If No Whale Shark Is Spotted

On the rare occasion that a whale shark is not spotted, 3 Islands Whale Shark Dive company offers a full refund or a spot on the next available tour. This is a great way to ensure people that they will get to see a whale shark, especially paying the amount specified for this type of tour. For adults, price is $395, Kids 17 and under are $285.

Snorkeling is a great experience for adventurous people. Seeing the beauty of the ocean is special, especially when yo get to swim alongside a whale shark. The staff of the touring company are experienced, highly rated and knowledgeable when it come to the tour, safety and any other issuers one may experience that day.