Swimming With Whale Sharks in Australia Is An Experience of a Lifetime

One of the most amazing experience a person can have is swimming with whale sharks in Australia. These are the world’s largest fish and are beautiful and gentle. Many people decide to snorkel in the ocean for an opportunity to swim alongside these creatures. Fortunately, there are reputable diving companies that take people on scheduled tours to give them this once in a lifetime opportunity. Below, is more information on the diving company and expectations of the tour.

Information Regarding The Tour Date

3 Islands Whale Shark Dive is a reputable company with experienced and knowledgeable staff. The tour begins early in the morning, around 7:15. Divers are picked up by bus to be taken to the designated location. Along the way, they are briefed regarding the day, safety concerns and what to expect. Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and cheese and crackers are provided throughout the day. A morning snorkel in the inner reef begins the day. This is a great opportunity to spot sea turtles and many colorful fish in the coral. Once a spotter plane locates a whale shark, they radio the boat the location so it can head in that direction. Once there, groups of 10 divers are able to enter the water to begin their amazing adventure. The groups are rotated often, ensuring that everyone has ample time in the water.

A Photographer, Pricing And The Sighting Policy

While in the water, a photographer is also present taking pictures of the guests to be given to each one as a complimentary CD. Pricing for this adventure is $395 for adults, children 17 and under is $285. The tour dates do not run every month, the best time to see these whale sharks is from the middle of March to early August. In the rare occasion that one is not spotted, then guests are either refunded their money or they can choose to go on another available date.

If you love the ocean and are in Australia during the designated months, swimming with a whale shark is a great experience to have. This is a great adventure that will be remembered for many years to come.